Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Custom typo3 Sitemap

This is an example to customize the Sitemap in the typo3 system. You can add image and define your own layout for the Sitemap. You have to modify your main template on the Setup section and your root page properties on the Resources tab in the TypoScript Configuration.

PDF Creator for typo3

This extension is based on PDF Generator 2. So you can use the PDF Generator 2 documentation to setup this extension. I added functionality to put an icon as a pdf link via content element.

This extension uses wkhtmltopdf as the rendering engine. So, it comes with binary version for linux 32 and 64 OS. If you want to install this extension on Windows, just change the binary to the version for windows in bin directory. The binary for another OS, you can find here. Don't forget to change the permission as executable by typing this command "chmod +x bin/*"