Sunday, November 09, 2014

Video and Audio Streaming from A20SOM-EVB using crtmpserver

To stream video and audio from A20SOM-EVB, ffmpeg and crtmpserver are used. FFmpeg is used to encode the video and audio from A20SOM-EVB csi-camera and mic-in and then feed the stream to crtmpserver. Crtmpserver act as streaming server to provide rtmp stream for flash player, or rtsp stream for video player such as videolan.

If the csi camera is not yet functioning on the default debian distro, please follow my previous article how to enable csi-camera on A20SOM-EVB.

Friday, November 07, 2014

System info on MOD-LCD3310 for Olimex A20SOM-EVB

To show the system information and other information on MOD-LCD3310, we can use python library. I found the implementation from this project and made a little modification to show ip address of wifi interface.

I also add one function to automatically cut the text and write it on the next line.
The function is longstr(linenumber,string). Example :
lcd.longstr(0,"Welcome to Open Hardware world!")