Wednesday, October 01, 2014

enable csi camera on A20-SOM EVB

The csi camera on the debian image with kernel 3.4.79+ from olimex doesn't work. To make it works, we need to change the configuration in script.bin and /etc/modules. We must convert script.bin to script.fex using bin2fex tools to change the configuration.
olimex@a20-Lime2-SOM:~$ bin2fex script.bin script.fex
We will have script.fex file after that command. Open the file and change the value as below:
csi_used = 1
Convert back script.fex to script.bin.
olimex@a20-Lime2-SOM:~$ fex2bin script.fex script.bin
Add the following value in the /etc/modules file:
sun4i_csi0 i2c_addr=0x78 ccm="gt2005"
After that, we can reboot the board. Wait a couple second, and voila...the csi camera will now work.
But there is still error message from the kernel log as follow:
[CSI_ERR]input index invalid!
Nevertheless, the csi camera works fine, if someone know how to solve this error, please let me know.