Thursday, May 02, 2013

Doc Creator (doc_creator) for typo3

This extension is based on PDF Generator 2. This extension uses htmltodocx, PHPWord and SimpleHTMLDom as the converter engine. So, it is a pure php converter and should work in any OS. Because of the limited function from PHPWord, it can only convert simple html page into docx.

You can find the extension installer on TER.

example in the template Constants:

doc_creator {
  top = 18
  bottom = 20
  left = 15
  right = 15
  string_search1 = <body>
  string_replace1 = <body> <!-- DOCX Body -->
  regexp_search2 = (<a (.*?)>&larr;(.*?)</a>)
  regexp_search3 = (<a (.*?)>(.*?)</a>)
  regexp_search4 = (<a (.*?)>&lt;-(.*?)</a>)