Monday, June 10, 2013

Belkin F7D1101 Wireless USB on android Cubieboard

Preconfigured Android Livesuit image from Cubieboard website only support Wireless Usb with RTL8192cu and RTL8188eu chipset. For anyone that have wireless USB with chipset 8712u (8188su) such as Belkin F7D1101 (list of similar device) must add the driver manually. Here you can find how to compile the driver and configure it in android cubieboard.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Shibboleth IDP and Kerberos


Shibboleth IDP can use Kerberos as authentication mechanism, but Shibboleth IDP still need a LDAP or any database system to get the user's data and to release the attributes to the Shibboleth SP. To setup a Kerberos mechanism in Shibboleth IDP, we need at least:
  • Working Kerberos System.
  • Working Kerberos client in the Shibboleth IDP server. /etc/krb5.conf is configured properly.
  • Working Shibboleth IDP server.
At first, we need to install Kerberos Login Handler in the working Shibboleth IDP server. The Original file and documentation can be found here.